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In the middle of the longest Slovak mountain - Slovenské Rudohorie, in the lovely valley of the river Rimava is situated Hnúšťa town.

Project: "Let's get to know each other"

The Grantee
 {Powiat Lwówecki.JPG} County of Lwówek Śląski

Aleja Wojska Polskiego 25A

59-600 Lwówek Śląski

tel. +48 757823650

fax +48 757823654


Basic Data

City is a legally established autonomous, territorial, self-governing, and administrative unit of the Slovak Republic, as well as a legal entity. In carrying out its self-governance, the City especially shall

Perform tasks related to sound management practices with movable and immovable property of the City, and with property in the State’s ownership consigned to be used by the City,

Draft and approve municipal budget and the City’s closing account,

Decide on matters regarding local taxes and fees, and administer them,